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About Greenlees Filter

For over 80 years, Greenlees Filter has led the world in filter design, development, and manufacturing.

Complete Air Filtration Systems & Custom Air Filters

Greenlees Filters by Maradyne manufactures a wide variety of air cleaners and filter elements. We specialize in applications for military and commercial vehicles and are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of air cleaners and air induction systems. We have also created new designs to ensure faster replacement of air filters while in the field to make sure there is less down time of the vehicle.

With the constant improvements being made in technology, we strive to stay above the curve and develop new and improve existing products. We work closely with military tactical equipment developers an military research facilities to improve our products and better serve the needs of our military and in the commercial markets, with industry leaders and manufacturers of agricultural and industrial equipment.

Greenlees Filter is a brand of Maradyne Corporation, an ISO-certified company based in Cleveland, Ohio that manufactures and markets a wide variety of industrial and commercial products for original equipment and aftermarket applications. 

Greenlees Test Lab

The strict, high standards of Greenlees filters are proven at our state-of-the-art air filtration test lab in Cleveland, Ohio. The lab is configured to test precleaners, air filter elements and complete air filter systems with air flows up to 1500 cfm used in off-highway, construction and military markets. All measurements are in strict accordance with ISO 5011 test standards and protocols, as well as military specs. We also test to validate designs and identify each product’s true capabilities.

Tests Performed at the Lab

  • ISO 5011 / SAE J726 Air Cleaner Test Lab — Utilized to qualify and evaluate air filter designs
  • MIL-PRF-46736E — Covers dry-type air cleaner filter elements used in single and multi-stage air cleaners
  • MIL-PRF-62048C — Covers heavy duty, dry-type air cleaners with a replacement filter element

General Features & Capacity

  • 75 HP 4 Stage Blower
  • Maximum airflow 2200 scfm
  • Vacuum to 100”H20 at 1200 scfm
  • Piezo tubing and Bellmouth inlets from 2“ to 11” diameter available for testing various size air cleaners
  • The lab environment is independently temperature and humidity controlled
  • The compressed air is dried to a dew point of -40°F to ensure no moisture is introduced to the filter
  • Dust feed rates of up to 200 g/minute

The lab’s precision controls enable us to ensure stable and repeatable results across a wide variety of simulated air intake systems. We offer customer-specific testing as well as industry standard testing. No product leaves our facility without being properly tested.

SRI Certified

Maradyne Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 certified offering a continuous improvement processes through supply chains, engineering, and manufacturing that ensures world-class quality, reliable delivery, and competitive priced products.