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Agricultural Filtration Systems

For optimum engine performance in the grinding conditions of farm and field.

Agricultural Greenlees Filters

Raised and perfected on the battle fields, Greenlees Filter technology is more than capable in the corn fields. Greenlees Filter uses compressed air technology and a state-of-the-art cyclonic filtration system that ensures optimum protection and performance of agricultural engines and machinery in the dirtiest, dustiest environments.

Cyclonic Filtration Technology

Greenlees filters use a cyclonic core filtration system that pulls dirtier air in through the filter, expels debris, dust, and particles, through open ports on the side of the filter, and pushes the now cleaned air through to your engine. With constant dust, dirt, and organic materials whirling through the air on farms and fields, the dependability and long-life of agricultural equipment and machinery is a must. Maintenance and down time equals substantial lost revenue, which is why Greenlees Filter is the trusted filtration system for long life and maximum performance of industrial engines.

Custom Filtration Systems for Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers

Greenlees Filter is not simply a manufacturer of agricultural filtration systems. Our team of engineers and designers work tirelessly with OEMs and other customers to conceptualize, design, and build filtration systems and filters that are tailored precisely to their unique needs. The Greenlees team will work with you to design and develop a filtration system that fits your equipment, not force you to change your machinery to fit ours. 

turbo® Precleaner

To extend the life of your tractors, farm equipment, and more, visit our family brand of pre-cleaners for agricultural equipment. turbo® Precleaner has been THE trusted industry name for OEM’s and retrofit for nearly 50 years.