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Commercial & Industrial Filters

For the most demanding commercial machinery in the most demanding environments.

Commercial & Industrial Greenlees Filters

Using the same technological advancements and level of quality that we’ve provided to our military for nearly a century, Greenlees filtration systems are built specifically for heavy-duty commercial and industrial machines to be able to thrive within the harshest of environments.

Common applications include wheel loaders, mining vehicles and machinery, crushers, waste management and recycling equipment, blast hole drillers, haul trucks, excavators, dozers, graders, compressors, generators, and more.

Greenlees Filter offers a large line of commercial filters and filtration systems, which can be customized specifically for you requirements. Contact us and let our experts size and recommend the perfect air cleaner system for your needs.

Our Proprietary EPAC System

The Extended Performance Air Cleaner (EPAC) System is a self-cleaning engine air intake system designed for equipment operating in harsh environments. This patented EPAC System uses short blasts of compressed air injected into the clean side of the engine air filter. The compressed air pressurizes the inside of the air filter and blows off the dust from the dirty side, thereby keeping the intake restriction low and maintaining optimized engine performance.

The compressed air cleaning cycles are adjustable for duration and frequency depending on the severity of the application.

Greenlees Filter Technology

The heart and soul of a Greenlees filter is the high-efficiency cyclone generated in the core of the filtration system. The filter pulls dirty air, dust, debris, and particles into the system, where it is whipped around through our cyclonic filtering technology, expelling the debris and particles through the sides of the canister, leaving only clean air passing through the opposite end of the filtration system.

Greenlees Filter unique design protects your vital machinery and engine components from potential contaminants and foreign particles, allowing maximum and reliable operation and efficiency in the harshest conditions.

Custom Filtration Systems

Greenlees Filter does not simply sell products. We invent them, from concept to field. Our team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers regularly design and produce fully custom filtration systems for our clients, and we’ve yet to meet a system we cannot readily solve. We’ll work with you to develop a custom solution and design for your requirements, and see it through from idea stage to end product. We even have staff to offer you patent and invention support.

turbo Precleaner

To extend the life of your air cleaner systems, visit our sister brand of pre-cleaners for commercial, industrial, agricultural applications and more. turbo® Precleaner has been THE trusted industry name for OEM’s and retrofit for nearly 50 years.