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Proudly Serving the Military

Military-Strength Filters & Engine Intake Filtration Systems

Military Greenlees Filters

Greenlees Filters are designed to last long and keep your light, medium, and heavy duty military vehicles safe from the brutal environment. 

As a direct supplier to the United States government, our engine intake filtration systems and wheeled vehicle components are tried and true, proven in the harshest conditions by the nation’s finest— for over 80 years. Greenlees is rated a top-valued supplier to DSCC, TACOM, and DSCP.

High-Efficiency Cyclonic Precleaner Technology

Greenlees Filters pull dust, debris, and dirty air through the intake where it enters a high-efficiency cyclone within the front end of the filter. As the air makes its way through to the opposite end of the filter, the dirt, dust, and sediment is expelled from the open ports on the side of the canister, funneling through nothing but pure air into the vehicle or system.

This design ensures harmful debris doesn’t enter the vital engine components, allowing vehicle to operate at the highest efficiency in the most extreme environments.

Extended Performance Air Cleaner (EPAC)

The EPAC System is a self-cleaning engine air intake system designed for equipment operating in harsh environments. This patented EPAC System uses short blasts of compressed air injected into the clean side of the engine air filter. The compressed air pressurizes the inside of the air filter and blows off the dust from the dirty side, thereby keeping the intake restriction low and maintaining optimized engine performance.

The compressed air cleaning cycles are adjustable for duration and frequency depending on the severity of the application.