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Complete Air Filtration Systems & Custom Air Filters


Greenlees Filters manufactures air intake systems, custom air cleaners and filter elements, and parts and accessories for military, commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets. Our team members are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of air cleaners and air induction systems.


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Greenlees Filter air cleaners are naturally suited to your demanding commercial applications. Whether a wheel loader, excavator, crusher, mining machinery, or recycling equipment, let our experts size and select the air cleaner system for your needs.

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Utilizing state-of-the-art compressed air technology, Greenlees Filter takes the hassle out of air cleaner operation and ownership. Eliminate down time and save those dollars typically spent on filter replacement and maintenance. Designed and build for the toughest environments.

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Greenlees Filter - Who We Serve - Military

Greenlees Filters are designed to last long and keep your light, medium, and heavy duty military tactical vehicles safe from the brutal environment. Greenlees has been trusted by the United States military for nearly a century and is rated a top-valued supplier to DSCC, TACOM, and DSCP.

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